Whole Person Growth Philosophy

The Whole Person Growth Philosophy

Overcoming and Wellness through Balanced Living!

WELLNESS is a Whole Person matter. So is OVERCOMING the challenges of life. This is not instantaneous, it involves growth over time – WHOLE PERSON GROWTH

The philosophy of Whole Person Growth relates to its Pathways and Steps.



What are the pathways to Wellness through Whole Person Growth?

These include:

  • Self  Engagement through self-awareness and self-help
  • Lifestyle Changes through motivation and knowledge-building
  • Relationship Empowerment through care of self and others

These pathways involve the development of  specific attitudes and skills acquired through practice over time. This process of growth involves primarily Self Help. There may also be need for wise professional help. 



What are the steps that are needed to achieve the above pathways to Wellness through Whole Person Growth?

In all of the above Pathways to Wellness, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Self Assessment for Recognition
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation
  4. Self  Monitoring

The links below will provide some tools to help you travel these pathways.

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