Explore Areas of your Wellness

Take Care of your Wellness 


Why think about our health habits?

UntitledWhen was the last time you thought about how much you’re enjoying life, how well you are and how long you’d like to live?  Too few of us ask these questions until we face a crisis and have to seek professional help. 
At that time, your counsellor, physician, pastor or other helping professional would be pointing you to the need for lifestyle changes in order to be restored to wellness.  Aside from poverty, an unhealthy lifestyle is the most common cause of unnecessary illness and death in the world today. 

A lack of information from the commercial and human service providers is a great contributor to unhealthy living. Wouldn’t it be better to start these practices now, so as to avoid unnecessary crises, suffering and loss of hours of productivity, as well as expenditure?  



Explore Areas of your Wellness

On the following pages, I have compiled what I feel are the most important pieces of WELLNESS information that will make a dramatic change in your quality of life and longevity.

Simple Steps to Wellness

 Health and Nutrition

Exercise: How to get the most out of it

Environment and Health

♦ Steps to Brain Wellness

♦ Steps to Family and Romantic Relationship Wellness

Steps to Relationship Wellness

Steps to Emotional Wellness

Steps to Financial Wellness

Steps to Wellness through Spirituality