Regaining Wellness from Common Illness

Regaining Wellness from Common Illness


Heart Care

Reverse cardiovascular problems with help from the British Heart Foundation

Preventing Heart Disease 

Information Leaflet

Information Booklet – Cardiac Rehabilitation

Information Magazine

Resource Website


Joint Care

Learning about your Bones and Joints and their disorders: Preventing and Improving Arthritis.

Rehabilitation Exercises and Conditioning Handouts : These exercises also help to prevent joint injury and can become part of your exercise lifestyle.

Lowering your cholesterol

– Reducing Cholesterol Naturally


– Living with Diabetes



– High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

– Living with high blood pressure


Surviving Cancer

– Booklist for Self Help on Cancer (PDF)


– Living with Cancer

– Spiritual Perspectives

– Spiritual Support Groups



Natural Remedies

– Natural Remedies for Everyday Life