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A book can be considered “the person’s best friend” for whole person growth. It is well worth the investment to purchase books that will make a critical difference in your life.
Below are some of my own books on various aspects of Whole Person Growth for Wellness. These have wide applications for self to groups to organizations. If you wish to purchase, you can click the PayPal links below. Books can also be purchased from

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Enjoy your reading – a critical, therapeutic gateway to whole person growth!



Simple Steps to Wellness

by E. Anthony Allen

A programme for lifestyle management.
A rich collection of information and checklists helpful in the achievement of one’s wellness. A useful guide for self-help. An introduction to lifestyle management through self-information, self-evaluation and self-monitoring. It enables the five pathways of wellness and whole person healing: medical, psychological, spiritual, social and natural. Each section uses checklists proceeding from problems to needs to solutions in helping you set up a programme for change. Annotated reading and web site lists are included.
Price: US$11+$5 shipping


Becoming Whole Together: Whole person lifestyle and healing through support groups

by E. Anthony Allen

Dealing with self-help support groups.
A step-by-step guide for using small support groups to achieve healthy lifestyles and wholeness for individuals and families. These groups can be developed among friends, in institutions, communities and churches. The book shows how to promote lifestyle change through sharing, self-evaluation, reflection on blockages, accountability agreements and fellowship.
Price: US $8 + $5 shipping & handling (surface mail)


Caring for the Whole Person

by E. Anthony Allen

This book is written simply, in order to help every individual in their wellness and service to others. A very useful book for self-awareness and meditation. It deals with understanding the whole person approach to caring for yourself and others.
This book seeks to bring together the seemingly different approaches to the physical, psychological, spiritual and social aspects of life.
Price: US $11 + $5 shipping & handling (surface mail)


Whole Person Healing: A basic guidebook for your church’s healing ministry

Published by Jamaica Baptist Union – 6 Hope Road, Kingston 10.

Guidelines for setting up a whole person ministry.
A good start up guidebook to developing a Whole Person Healing Ministry. An additional bibliography is included as well. It emphasizes how a ministry can be developed by non-professional lay leaders and health workers.
Price: US $3 + $5 shipping & handling (surface mail)

The Healing Congregation: An integrated approach to whole person ministry

by E. Anthony Allen

This handbook discusses a whole person model of service sponsored by a local congregation. It integrates community health, counselling, community organization, environmental care, pastoral care and spiritual healing. It is written for pastors, health care administrators and multidisciplinary human service professional teams from local churches that are involved in planning Healing Ministry services. It is also meant to be used by non-professional and semi-professional personnel. As well, it is written for students in related professions and equally alike for theologians, specialists in public health and donor agency personnel. Any interested person, without being a professional should find this handbook useful.
Price: US $25+5 shipping and handling (surface mail)

A Resource Guide for Your Church’s Healing Ministry

by E. Anthony Allen

Agencies, educational and self-help resources for the whole person ministry of the congregation and other organizations.
A comprehensive resource guide to service related books, organizations, self-help material and internet web sites useful for the promotion of whole person ministries within congregations.
Includes: Books on Starting a Healing Ministry, Literature and AV material for each aspect of a ministry, Guidebooks on Whole Person Health for Individuals and Families, Healing Ministry Agencies and Internet resources.
Price: US $11 + $5 shipping & handling (surface mail)

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